Tips from Alex Moore

The internet is awash with videos and websites with lots of information on Ballroom & Latin American Dancing. However, for my teaching, I still use a book published in 1947 by Alex Moore as a useful guide.

The tips below are taken from Alex's book and are still valid to this day:

Closing the Feet in Tango

The feet are closed frequently in the Tango, and much more character can be given to this action by attention to the following details.

1. The feet are usually closed after a step to the side. The closing foot should be delayed, and then closed quite sharply.

2. As soon as the closing foot is in position, the other foot should commence to move by raising the heel from the floor resulting in the knee becoming more relaxed.

3. In side movements, as in forward movements, the knees are kept slightly relaxed, and they should tend to veer towards each other.

I shall be adding more useful tips from Alex so pop back again soon.